Boiler MACT Studies

Indeck Keystone Energy has extensive experience evaluating and implementing solutions for facilities affected by Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) regulations. Whether it be reducing emissions, addressing New Source Review issues, complying with boiler MACT standards, developing plant-specific compliance plans, or assisting with the permitting process, Indeck Keystone Energy has the full range of experience necessary to evaluate your facility and help you develop and implement a plan.

I22000X23MR6Whether your boilers are fired by gas, oil, coal, biomass or other types of solid fuels, Indeck has the expertise to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Our experienced team of engineers will work with you to:

  • Assess how the new rules apply to your boilers
  • Identify emissions you are currently emitting to evaluate your compliance to the new limits
  • Advise whether equipment replacement, retrofits or alternative technology would be the best solution for your facility’s successful compliance
  • Develop recommendation to assist compliance and/or show “good faith” to the EPA to help avoid risk of loss of extension.

Through new boiler projects and engineering studies conducted during the original boiler MACT phase and current boiler MACT phase, Indeck Keystone Energy has become a critical source of technical knowledge for all boiler MACT solutions. Let us help you be prepared for compliance.