Travagrate Stokers

The Travagrate® front ash discharge traveling spreader stoker has been utilized to produce steaming rates from 25,000 pounds per hour steam up to 500,000 pounds per hour steam. The Travagrate® Stoker has the ability to burn coal, lignite, wood, bark, bagasse, tires, refuse derived fuel, and agricultural wastes (stalks, shells, fronds, etc..). The Travagrate® Stoker comes in a multitude of sizes and represents a vital means of producing steam using efficient and economical priced machinery with ease of maintenance and problem free operation.

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Travagrate® Stoker Brochure

We offer the following order execution benefits when procuring a Travagrate® stoker from Indeck Keystone Energy:

  • Complete design and fabrication responsibility
  • A single focus Project Manager
  • A thorough understanding and solid stoker performance of hundreds of stokers and boilers furnished for over 150 years.
  • Simple field installation and constructability due to pre-assembly and fit-up prior to shipment. We are the only stoker manufacturer in the world to perform this crucial pre-assembly work
  • High quality components and thorough engineering design offer superior field stoker performance and availability.Our Travagrate® Stoker includes the following design benefits for long lasting service:
Pre-Assembly of Travagrate Stoker

Pre-Assembly of Travagrate Stoker

Gravity Take-up Catenary Grate – A traveling grate must maintain continuous tension in order to run smoothly and avoid jamming of the grate and grate chain. The Travagrate® Stoker maintains this tension by employing the simplest force known in nature – gravity. The grate tension is achieved by having the grate hang in a natural catenary curve from the stoker’s drive shaft to the stoker’s idler shaft. The weight of the grate, pulled only by gravity, maintains the tension on the grate. The catenary grate, therefore, is self-tightening and does not require any expensive maintenance labor nor external mechanical tightening devices, counter balances, or springs to maintain grate tension. Our simple design will help the plant owners save time and labor to own and operate our Travagrate® Stoker.

Forged Chain Links – The Travagrate® Stoker is moved by chains that are fabricated from forged steel links. These chain links, along with their hardened roller and pin assemblies, are designed for the high heat duty and tension loads expected for this type of fuel firing. These extra strong links won’t break or crack under the expected duty as can happen with inferior cast type links from other stoker manufacturers.

Grate Support – All of the grates are fully supported across their width by an underlying grate carrier bar. Should debris fall on and damage any single grate, the stoker may stay on line until the damaged grate reaches the front of the stoker. The damaged grate may then be replaced without shutting down the boiler.

Hydraulic Drive – The hydraulic grate drive is a smooth running, low horse powered system that is completely self contained and mounted directly to the stoker drive shaft at the stoker front. The hydraulic drive contains the motor, pump, hydraulic oil, valves and drive mechanism in one self-contained assembly. The assembly is completely factory assembled and tested prior to shipment. There is no concern with running hydraulic lines from a remote motor pump set to the drive mechanism as is the case with other manufacturer’s design.

Continuous Ash Discharge – The Travagrate® Stoker runs continuously thereby discharging the accumulated ash on a continuous basis. This continuous ash discharge system eliminates the need to manually clean the grate or requiring a system shutdown/outage to evacuate the ash.

Proven Reliability – The Travagrate® Stoker has a proven track record of firing a wide range of solid fuels. Project references available upon request. Please Contact Us for more information.

Shop Assembly – Indeck Keystone Energy completely shop assembles the stoker grate frame with shafts and chain prior to shipment. The frame is made straight and true, tested, and then match marked to ease field installation. We are the only stoker manufacturer to provide this service, which ensures a high quality product that will go together well in the field and will be ready for startup on the first fire in the boiler.

Graphite Bearings – New heavy-duty graphite shaft bearings that do not require lubrication and eliminate the need for costly and high maintenance grease lines and lubrication system.

Stoker Grate Sizes – Stokers are offered for furnace widths, at the grate, from 7′-6″ (2.3 Meter) up to 34′-9″ (10.5 Meter)and furnace depths from 12′-0″ (3.7 Meter) up to 23′-0″ (7 Meter).