Steel Components

Indeck Keyston Energy has also proved to be extremely proficient and designing and supplying steel accessories and component for steam generating facilities. Although our core business remain the design and supply of steam generating equipment, over the years we have designed and supplied many tons of ductwork, expansion joints, casings, access platforms and ladders, stocker parts, equipment support structures, stacks, dampers, tube ties and supports, and many other cast, forged, rolled or die-formed standard components. We work in close partnership with our customers proving single source accountability, and constant communications though the various phases of the project allows us to achieve the lowest in-place cost and efficient project completion. For a firm priced proposal on any or all of these peripheral components, forward your drawings and specifications to our Aftermarket Engineered Products Group. We look forward to working with you.

  • Casing
  • Ducts
  • Expansion Joints
  • Structural Steel
  • Tube Ties & Supports