Power Generation

Low cost renewable generation, abundant supply of natural gas, new environmental regulations and advancements in technology have resulted in dramatic shifts in generation supply and the manner in which transmission and distribution systems are operated. Indeck Keystone Energy supplies high quality boilers and accessories which are at the forefront of integrated power and automation solutions for these new power generation realities. We design conventional and renewable based boiler system that are used in many power generation and cogeneration facilities. Many Indeck Keystone Energy package boilers supply steam for auxiliary power that is used in electric utilities and refineries. Many of our large shop assembled boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators are used in cogeneration applications to supply heating and/or process steam in addition to generating electricity. Wherever the power is coming from, Indeck Keystone Energy steam generating equipment and accessories are helping to keep the lights on the industry expanding.

Indeck Wood Coal Fired Boiler     Solid Fuel Application