Boiler Combustion Controls

Indeck Keystone Energy provides a variety of boiler controls to help optimize your boiler operation. Our burner management and combustion control systems and other accessories include many features that help ensure your boiler will operate safely and reliably. Our boiler controls are designed with standard features that make them simple to understand and use, but that also optimize boiler performance, flexibility and overall system performance. Our state of the art equipment is engineered to safely control the sequence of operation for firing various fuels in accordance with today’s rigid standards. Indeck Keystone Energy’s Solid State boiler controls are available for all makes and models of burners as well as for the replacement of existing control equipment.

  • Meets the latest NFPA-85 and FM Global requirements
  • Continually updated to modern specifications
  • Components are FM and UL approved where required
  • Systems are assembled and tested in our UL-Listed Panel Shop