The Indeck Group is a consortium of companies with a history of providing engineered power solutions that date back to the 19th century.  Indeck designs, manufactures and markets packaged boilers “A”, “O”, “D” Type, Modular “D” type packaged and field-erected boilers, International Lamont line of High Temperature Hot Water Generators, specialty boilers and auxiliary equipment. The Indeck Group has over 5,000 successful boiler installations in 50 countries.

Indeck Boiler co canadaIndeck Keystone Energy brings together an experienced team of engineers that provide consulting services and specialize in maintaining a high level of customer support for the steam generation industry. The company can trace its roots to 1840 to where it began production of high quality, specialized boiler designs. Indeck Keystone Energy engineered steam products under the former names of Erie City Iron Works, Zurn Energy Division, and Aalborg (land based boilers), IBC and International Boiler Works are all under one roof at Indeck.

Indeck Keystone Energy specializes in the design of solid fuel and waste heat recovery boilers, Travagrate stokers, HRSGs and larger modular packaged boilers rated up to 1,000,000 PPH and 1,800psig. Indeck Keystone maintains a comprehensive OEM spare parts inventory and 24-hour availability to facilitate plant operations.

Indeck Power Headquaters

Indeck Power Equipment Company has superheat and saturated stock boilers for sale and boiler rental equipment available for emergencies, scheduled outages, or increased capacity requirements to 250,000 pph. Indeck supplies mobile boiler steam systems, trailer designed watertube boilers, SCRs, industrial diesel generators and emergency deaerators. Indeck also provides aftermarket boiler parts and services: fans, burner, trim, UL listed controls for burners, combustion management and feedwater control, stacks, valves and emission reduction equipment. Indeck also provides financing and lease to purchase options for its boilers.

Indeck Boiler Corporation is the Indeck Group’s manufacturing facility and is based in St. Hyacinthe, Canada.  This facility was the former Volcano Boiler manufacturing facility.  Its capabilities include: Tube-bending, Heating Treatment Furnace, Drum Plate Rolls, Drills, Submerged Arc Welding Machines, as well as other Metal Fabrication Equipment. The Indeck Boiler manufacturing plant is ASME Certified; boilers built there meet CSA standards.
Indeck Energy About
Indeck Energy Services are developers and operators of natural gas based power plants and renewable energy projects. The company has been in business since 1985 and has successfully developed, owned and operated facilities totally 3,000 MW.

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drake-oil-well-boilerIn 1859 Erie City provided the steam generator and engine to drill the world’s first oil well in Titusville, Pa. In 1985 a new boiler was duplicated for the Engine House at the Drake Well National Historical Museum.
Corporate Timeline
2004- Present
Indeck purchased the assets for Keystone Energy and the company is renamed Indeck Keystone Energy
2002 -2004
Erie Power Technologies acquired the Aalborg Industries land based boiler division and reorganized the industrial boiler unit under the name of Keystone Energy
1998 – 2002
Aalborg Keystone Inc. renamed to Aalborg Industries Inc. (USA)
1997 – 1998
Zurn Energy Division was bought by Aalborg Industries, Inc. and renamed Aalborg Keystone, Inc.
1966 – 1997
Business was bought by Zurn Industries, Inc. and became Zurn Energy Division
1851 – 1966
When Erie became a city, company changed its name to Erie City Iron Works
Horse Drawn Boiler
1840 – 1851
Original Business: An iron foundry called Presque Isle Foundry

INDECK boilers are registered through the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors

INDECK boilers are certified through The American Society of Mechanical Engineers