Project Management

project managment

  • Dedicated Project Manager – All of our projects are led by a dedicated, professional and knowledgeable Project Manager.
  • Scope Control – Early definition of expected deliverables and outcomes allows for better positioning for project success.
  • Plan the Project – A project plan is developed during the proposal stage which will guide project execution and control.
  • Design by Experienced Engineers – All of our engineers have extensive previous experience, as well as the knowledge and skills to successfully complete our boiler design work.
  • Fabrication by Approved Shops – We continually evaluate our suppliers to ensure that they have the appropriate certifications and consistently deliver the highest levels of quality.
  • Shipments Monitored by Indeck – Deliveries are coordinated by the IKE Project Manager to ensure that what is needed arrives when it is needed.
  • Mutual Acceptance by Client and Indeck – Approved Supplier Packing Lists (SPL’s) are used to demonstrate that the product has met all purchaser and industry specifications before any shipments are authorized.