Large University Uses High Temperature Hot Water Cogeneration to Reduce CO2 Emissions

A large university in Canada awarded Indeck Keystone Energy a contract for the supply of our waste heat high temperature hot water generator for use in their combined heat and power cogeneration plant in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%. The Indeck high temperature hot water generator converts the waste gas stream into 200 MMbtu /hr of hot water heat supplied to the universities' campus heating system. Indeck's scope of supply included all equipment downstream of a Solar Titan 130 gas turbine including an integral duct burner and flue gas bypass system for operational flexibility and ability to supply campus heat in cogeneration, supplemental, and heating only mode via fresh air firing. The complete system is currently operating successfully, meeting all performance and emission targets. The fuel once used to heat campus is now used to generate 12 MW of electricity with campus heat being recovered from the combustion turbine's waste gas.

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Coal Fired Boiler For Heating Plant

Indeck Keystone Energy was awarded a contract for the supply of an 80,000 PPH / 750 PSIG stoker fired coal boiler with auxiliary equipment for field erection. The system is installed at a university heating plant as part of an emissions compliance upgrade replacing boilers from the 1950's. The boiler surpassed all performance and emission goals. The boiler and auxiliary equipment have been delivered and started up successfully.

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