Burner Management Systems

Since the 1940’s, Indeck Keystone Energy has been providing the means for safe and reliable boiler operation through our Solid State Burner Management Systems. As an industry leader, we were one of the first boiler manufacturers to introduce solid state microprocessor technology to replace the standard BMS relay system. Our state of the art equipment is engineered to safely control the sequence of operation for firing various fuels per today’s rigid standards. Indeck Keystone Energy’s Solid State BMS is available for all makes and models of burners as well as replacement of existing BMS equipment.


  • Microprocessor based programmable logic controller
  • Advanced system and surveillance techniques
  • Diagnostic failure analysis display
  • Meet and exceed NFPA Standards for single and multiple burner installations
  • Versatile design to meet specific operating conditions
  • Internal watchdog timing
  • Hundreds of reliable systems in use today

Indeck Keystone Energy has custom engineered and designed this system for all types of burner applications, as well as for upgrade and replacement of original equipment.