Steam Purifiers

The ultimate performance of a boiler system depends largely on the purity of the steam that is delivered to the downstream equipment. Water droplet “carryover” and solids in the steam leaving a boiler can deposit in the superheater and other downstream equipment, causing extensive equipment damage. For this reason, close control of steam purity is critical. Indeck Keystone Energy’s top-of-the-line steam purity system utilizes vortex “cans” for primary separation of liquid water from the steam and “v”-shaped chevron scrubbers for secondary water droplet removal. We also have simple “belly plate” configurations for use where steam quality requirements are not as essential. No matter what level of steam quality requirement you may have, Indeck Keystone Energy has a steam separating system that will suit your needs.

Regarded as the best in the industry, Indeck Keystone Energy offers steam drum purifying equipment including:

  • Vortex separators
  • Steam drum baffles
  • Chevron steam purifiers

All designed for stringent steam purity to meet modern steam turbine demands.

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Steam Purifiers 4