Boiler Pressure Parts

Indeck Keystone Energy has provided replacement pressure parts for thousands of existing Indeck and non-Indeck boilers, whether for in-kind replacement, improved performance, or life-extension enhancement.

Many of these major projects required innovative material or product solutions that have helped enhance equipment performance. Advanced materials, improved designs and application specific pressure part arrangements are a few ways that older boilers benefit from upgrade projects.

Pressure part modifications, arrangement modifications and improvements are most commonly made to the following boiler components:

  • Air heaters and air heater tubing
  • Attemperators and desuperheaters
  • Boiler tubes
  • Drums and headers
  • Economizer sections
  • Extended surface (finned) tube sections
  • Feedwater bypass and piping
  • Furnace welded wall tubes/panels
  • High pressure steam piping
  • Lower Drum Heating Coil for warm stand-by and fastest startup of boilers
  • Primary and secondary superheater platen and headers
  • Reheat superheater platen and headers
  • Start-up systems, piping and valves
  • Swaged, studded and bifurcated tubes
  • Tube bends (any configuration)
  • Waterwall panels, partial panels, waterwall panel inserts
  • Wing walls, division walls, radiant superheaters