RefineriesBoilers are one of the most fundamental systems of a refinery or plant. They are literally the pieces of equipment that keep the plant up and running. They may be used to produce steam for powering turbines and pumps or for heating of facilities and processes. Boilers installed at refineries are subjected to constantly changing conditions and are at high risk for boiler corrosion, tube scale, fouling, and/or failure of critical equipment such as economizers and turbines. We understand the extreme conditions under which chemical and refinery boiler systems operate, and how that can impact plant operations. No matter what the boiler is used for, Indeck Keystone Energy supplies refineries with the right steam generating equipment at the right price, including package boilers, heat recovery boilers, Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU), and many others.

Middle Eastern Refinery - Replacement Packaged Boiler

Bahrain_largeRefinery customer awarded Indeck Keystone Energy a 100,000 PPH "O" type package boiler to provide the plant with process steam using the available refinery gas. The boiler was delivered to Bahrain and successfully started up.

US Refinery - FCCU Flue Gas Cooler

A major refinery in the United States has selected Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC (IKE) to supply a severe duty Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) flue gas cooler (FGC). The FCCU FGC's operate in a highly abrasive and corrosive environment. Indeck has successfully worked with this client multiple times to supply proven FCCU flue gas cooler designs. The boiler and auxiliary equipment were delivered and were successfully started up.

To minimize the installation duration, the superheater and boiler modules were manufactured as assembled modules for setting on the customer's foundations. Each system consisted of superheater modules integrated into the High Pressure (HP) boiler module, a Low Pressure (LP) Boiler module, and associated ductwork. Client feedback was incorporated in new design innovations based on site specific operating conditions for each design in order to improve access, cleanability , and reliability. Indeck's design has proven thermal performance and reliability.

Click to enlargeFCCU FGC Information:

From 710,000 lb / hr. FCCU flue gas flow at 1035 º F. and 230 º F. feedwater:

HP superheated steam flow is 68,500 lb / hr. - Design pressure is 750 psig.

LP steam flow is 29,500 lb / hr. - Design pressure is 125 psig

Flue gas design pressure is 5 psig. - Tube and membrane wall construction