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Indeck Field ServiceThe Indeck Keystone Energy Field Service Team provides solutions to enable your boiler operating success and meet your steam generating needs.

Indeck Keystone Energy Field Service Consultants have successfully provided these services for over 150 years on heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s), waste heat recovery boilers, large shop assembled boilers, industrial package boilers, and solid fuel boilers firing a wide variety of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. These fuels include; gas, off-gas, fuel oils, coal, wood, agriwaste, municipal waste, and many others. Combustion tuning by one of our Field Service Consultants can increase your fuel efficiency and boiler reliability while decreasing emissions, minimizing combustion rumble and vibrations, and reduce the risks of equipment damage, unsafe operation, and personnel hazards.

Our Services include:

IKE Field Service

Customer Benefits:

Combustion Tuning


  • May increase fuel efficiency and boiler reliability while decreasing emissions.
  • Minimize combustion rumble and vibrations.
  • Reduce the risk of equipment damage, unsafe operation, and personnel hazards.
  • Setup combustion controls.

Operator Training

  • Increase productivity, boiler operational awareness, and efficiency.
  • Reduce operational mistakes and unscheduled boiler shutdowns.


  • Testing the boiler safety systems should be done at least once a year.
  • Testing will ensure that the flame, water, and combustion air safety systems are functional and serviced when required.

Construction/Rebuild Consultation

  • Work to preserve construction schedule integrity.
  • Maintain OEM standards.
  • Identify potential OEM upgrades.

Onsite Inspections

  • Monitoring of boiler fabrication and/or assembly activities, in whole or in part, from start to finish.
  • Witnessing of pressure tests, and surveillance of suppliers and vendors.
  • Review and testing of boiler operating and safety controls in accordance with industry std’s.

Operational Improvement

Indeck Keystone Energy’s Field Service and Aftermath Departments are staffed by an experienced team of professionals that have been assembled to provide repair and upgrade services to satisfy your most demanding requirements. All ASME Code work is monitored in accordance with the Indeck Keystone Energy Quality Control Program and is monitored in accordance with the Indeck Keystone Energy Quality Control Program and is performed in strict accordance with the applicable ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, the National Board Inspection Code, and any jurisdictional requirements and may apply. Indeck Keystone Energy currently holds the ASME “S” stamp and the Notional Board “R” Certificate of Authorization.

Field Service IKEIn addition to alterations and upgrades, Indeck Keystone Energy can supply replacement boiler tubes, superheater elements, headers, drums, heating coils, waterwall panels, and other pressure retaining components. In addition to direct replacement parts for all Indeck Keystone Energy (Zurn Energy Division, Erie City Iron Works and Aalborg Industries) boilers, we can also provide design enhancements that are tailored to meet unique operational needs and conditions, Such enhancements may include welded wall panels to replace refractory walls, adding heat transfer surface, or redesigning tubes to permit access for doors, observation ports, or soot blowers.

Properly maintained and operated boiler systems are critical to your success. We help you achieve this success by offering Indeck Keystone Energy experienced Field Service Consultants to provide service and training on all industrial boilers as well as our OEM equipment.

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