Boiler Design & Engineering

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The Indeck Group now designs and manufactures boilers and related equipment under the well known trade names of Keystone, Indeck Boiler, International Boiler Works, International-LaMont, Travagrate, ThermoFlo, Volcano, and Starfire.

Indeck now has the most comprehensive product and service offerings in North America. Indeck’s manufacturing facility is located in Quebec, Canada. Indeck produces and maintains only the highest standards of quality and manufacturing efficiencies in the production of boilers and allied equipment. Indeck can design the total solution to all of our customers’ steam and hot water needs.

Engineering Capabilities

  • In-House Thermal Design Programs
  • In-House Circulation Programs
  • AutoCAD Software
  • Finite Element Software Programs

Types of Package Boiler Designs

  • “A”, “O” and “D” (we have them all)


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