Indeck Celebrates 175 Years of Boiler Engineering At Electric Power Expo 2015

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Indeck Celebrates 175 Years of Boiler Engineering At Electric Power Expo 2015

Indeck_Keystone-SealErie, PA…   Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC, a division of the Indeck Group of Companies celebrated 175 years of steam advancement and boiler designs during the Electric Power Expo in Rosemont, Illinois.

Indeck is a worldwide leader in providing power steam generation equipment to power plants, petrochemical, refineries, steel mills, processing plants, pulp industry and utilities.  The Indeck Group of Companies has over 5,000 installations in 50 countries.

Since 1840, many industries including utilities have turned to the Indeck brands (Erie City Iron Works, Zurn Energy Division, Aalborg Industries, Volcano, International Boiler Works, Keystone Energy) for efficient steam solutions.

Chris Petcos, Chief Operating Officer of Indeck Keystone Energy states,  “It’s been eleven years since Indeck had the forethought to purchase Keystone Energy to expand and integrate our respective technology product bases.  Our new team merged our technologies thereby creating innovative and customized large modular boilers, large fully assembled boilers, and heat recovery steam generator designs that have proved to be cost effective solutions for our customers, especially for sites with high field labor rates.  We would like to thank all our customers who supported Indeck to continue this historical progress.”


Indeck Keystone traces its roots to 1840 as the Presque Isle Foundry, an early manufacturer of boilers and steam engines.  When Erie became an incorporated city, the company changed its name to Erie City Iron Works.  In 1859, Erie City Iron Works provided the steam generator and engine to drill the world’s first oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania.  In 1880 Erie City Iron Works was recognized as the largest boiler manufacturer in the United States.  As the 20th century emerged and industrialization of the United States progressed so did the boiler designs of Erie City Iron Works which added watertube boilers burning coal, gas and oil during this growth period.  The company changed hands during the 20th century and became known as Zurn Energy Division, Aalborg Industries and Keystone Energy leading to the Indeck Group acquisition and naming the company Indeck Keystone Energy LLC in 2004.

Indeck Keystone Succeeds 21st Century With Specialty Boiler Focus

IKE CelebRates 175 YearsIndeck Keystone Energy engineers are experienced with the custom design and manufacture of boilers burning gas, oil, biomass, coal or other types of fuels.  Marsha Forsythe, President of Indeck Power Equipment Company explains, “Indeck Keystone Energy focuses in meeting challenges that go beyond typical applications, they excel at creating boilers for special client requests.  Recent projects include the design of large watertube package boilers for large steel producers, waste heat recovered boilers with Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) and coal fired two drum boilers with Travagrate® stokers for an air force base.   The Indeck Group leads the way in standard to custom boilers and can meet virtually any client requirement.”

Petcos adds, “Indeck Keystone Energy offers the Indeck Heat Recovery Steam Generator (I-HRSG) which is a more efficient heat recovery steam generator for the combined heat and power market.  Indeck’s HRSG engineering expertise provides design features to maximize availability and the I-HRSG’s module construction allows for flexible installation options to minimize field labor and overall project cost. We have the know how to not only design new equipment but also to engineer components for existing boilers.”

The Indeck Group

Indeck is proud to be engineering and manufacturing boilers that provide excellent reliability, availability and maintainability for industrial and commercial customers worldwide. Indeck Keystone Energy LLC designs and builds boilers to burn virtually any fuel to produce steam efficiently in a safe and reliable manner.   Indeck Keystone also maintains a comprehensive OEM spare parts inventory and 24-hour availability to facilitate plant operations.

Indeck Power Equipment Company has the largest stock of boilers available for immediate shipment on a lease/rental/sale basis.  Indeck also supplies auxiliary equipment and rental boilers to utilities, chemical processing, refineries, power plants, food processors and other industries.  Indeck Boiler Corporation, the manufacturing member of the Indeck Group manufactures water tube boilers, thermal oxidizers, high temperature hot water generators, and firetube boilers.

The Indeck Group of Companies is also the home to many of the most trusted boiler designs ever built including Erie City Iron Works, Zurn Energy, Aalborg land-based boilers, Indeck Boiler, Star fire, Thermoflo, Volcano and International Boiler Works (IBW). Manufactured boiler styles include “A”, “O”, “D”, Modular “D” type boilers along with the International LaMont® line of High Temperature Hot Water Generators, solid fuel boilers, waste heat boilers, I-HRSGs and Travagrate® Stoker. Indeck has the largest inventory of boilers available for sale, lease or rent.  For additional information see  or or email [email protected]  or [email protected].  Indeck maintains a dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline for service, rental boilers, used boilers, or new boilers at 800-446-3325 to get plants up and running quickly.