Indeck Natural Gas Power Plant Approved for Niles, MI

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in News | 0 comments

The State of Michigan recently granted Indeck Energy Services permission to proceed with our project to build a new natural gas power plant in Niles, MI.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Air Quality Division issued the air permissions permit which allowed the project to move forward.

Indeck will begin the construction of the power plant late in 2017 and the project is expected to cost about $1 billion and take three years to complete.  The Department of Environmental Quality will require Indeck to apply for a renewable operating permit once the plant is open.  This permit needs to be renewed every 5 years for the plant to stay in operation.

The new natural gas power plant will be built in the Niles Industrial Park and the building of the plant is expected to bring hundreds of construction jobs to the area.  The power plant will also create 21 high-skilled permanent full time jobs to keep it in operation.  The community of Niles, MI will benefit from the power plant as well as the project is expected to generate $10 million in revenue that will go to schools and other local institutions.

Indeck Energy Services owns and operates natural gas power plants throughout the U.S. and the Niles, MI plant is the newest project planned to provide gas generated power.  Indeck Power Equipment Company is a division of Indeck that manufactures a diverse range of boilers used in industrial settings.